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On 28 the of June 2011, Microsoft released a product that has since taken the world by storm
with tens of millions of users migrating over since. The product? Office 365. It’s a
subscription based product that provides access to corporate style email, Office
applications, and a host of other productivity tools, all available in the cloud on PC, Mac,
Android and apple mobile operating systems.

The best part?
It’s super easy to setup or migrate your email over to Office 365. Easily set up emails on
your company’s domain, with a simple monthly or annual subscription fee. Techpros is a
Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider, and can get set you up on or migrated to Office 365
with no hassle. Call us today for a quote.

Microsoft offers services to suit sole trades, right up to corporates with thousands of seats,
giving them a broad arsenal of tools to increase productivity, boost efficiency and grow the
business. With great online storage plans and access to all desktop Office applications like;
– Word
– Power Point
– Outlook
– One Note
– Publisher and

Office 365 users can access everything from any connection on any device, which is very,
very effective and any smart business owner will know the full potential of having this kind
of accessibility and what it can do for them and their business.
We also offer affordable industry leading backup tools to ensure you are never at risk of
losing data.

At Techpros, we believe in Office 365. We know what it can do and what a value adding tool
it is. It’s a highly available, reliable, secure tool that is compatible with every device known
to man. It can help you grow your business by giving you back the time you spend worrying
about your technology issues.