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Cyber security is pretty much the exact same as the type of security you’d get for your
house, a nightclub would get for their establishment or the mafia would get for their
hideout in downtown New York. It also serves the exact same purpose, the protection of
your cyber property including hardware, software and all your precious, critical documents
your business has. Here’s our top ten tips on how YOU can keep your business safe on the

1. Always keep your systems and software up to date with the latest patches from your
software vendors like Microsoft.

2. Make sure you use complex passwords, a weak password is almost guaranteed to
lead to trouble.

3. Leaving your computer unattended is a big no no, people can easily infect your
computer by simply plugging a USB into your device and gives them full access to
your files.

4. Use your mobile device safely, always use a password to open it and don’t leave it
logged in to your accounts that contain sensitive data

5. Always have an effective antivirus installed and up to date (we recommend McAfee).

6. Always be vigilant when opening attachments on emails and when clicking links on
websites. Never enter information on websites that don’t have the secure padlock
attached to them.

7. Phishing scams are the classic wolf in sheep’s clothing. Be wary of people who
appear trustworthy but ask you for information that may compromise your identity.

8. Don’t trust anyone you don’t know. No matter who you are, you are always a target
to hackers. They will always try and find a way to extort you for their financial gain.

9. Have redundant copies of your data. If you have adequate backups, things like
ransomware will never be an issue to you.

10. Use 2-factor authentication for all critical accounts, such as your bank, email,
facebook etc.

Here at Techpros we believe the safety of your data is critical and we are experienced in

many systems to make sure you and your business are safe online. Because we are so
concerned about protecting your information, here’s a few bonus tips for you:

– Be cautious of using public Wi-Fi, hackers can disguise a private network as free
internet and when you connect they can monitor everything you type, easily seeing
your passwords and bank details if you happen to be travelling and transferring

– Be careful of what you share; cyber criminals can use this information against you.

– Monitor your accounts for suspicious activity.

– Only shop online and do online banking on trusted devices and networks, and always
log out.