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Microsoft 365 – What’s all the buzz about?

Microsoft 365 is a subscription service that provides your business access to numerous productivity and collaboration tools, including corporate level Exchange Email, Office applications, and other Microsoft Applications designed to improve communication in the workplace and simplify collaboration.  

Microsoft 365 Product Offerings

All of these products are available through the various package options

Microsoft 365 offers various packages, as well as a number of add on products and services to enhance your business, focussing on Security, Reliability and Collaboration.  


Now small businesses can take advantage of a corporate level reliable email platform.

Power BI

Gain deeper insight into your business data through informative dashboards.

Office Applications

All the office applications you already know and trust like Word, Excel and Powerpoint


Online platform for document management and storage and collaboration 


Store all your personal files in the cloud with 1TB of space included.

Microsoft Teams

Collaboration tool for your internal and external teams to work together.

Azure AD

Identity management to simplify access to multiple applications within Azure 

Plus so much more

Office 365 comes with loads of other productivity tools to help your business grow

Office 365 Pricing


Still have questions?

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Can I get email on my mobile?

Yes! Almost any device you can get your hands on will be supported by Office 365. 

Is my data secure?

Yes! Microsoft 365 Email, or Exchange Online, is the most secure email platform available.

Will I have downtime?

There is a very small outage period, but we plan this overnight or weekends to avoid any missed emails.

Will I lose my existing emails?

No!  At Techpros we will plan out the migration, with backup plans, to ensure nothing is lost.

What happens to my website?

We update your domain registrar with Microsoft 365 details for email records, so your website remains where it is.

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