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Data loss is a fear of businesses on all levels. It occurs everywhere, even in the cloud where you think you’re covered. Your cloud provider provides a highly available service, however it is your responsibility to manage and take care of your critical information in the event of a data loss. Statistically, one third of companies will experience a data loss event, most likely through accidental or malicious deletion, or ransomware, which will seriously impact the performance of your business.

It’s expensive and time consuming to recover your data if you aren’t protected effectively. A single data recovery can cost you more than an entire year of a suitable backup solution. Backups of your Office 365 data is crucial and can mitigate accidental deletion, internal and external threats and meet retention and legal requirements.

Make sure you’re protected properly so you can rest easy knowing your data is in safe hands and you can stay productive.

At Techpros we offer Office 365 email and Sharepoint backup from as little as $5 per mailbox per month. Contact us today to see how we can help you protect your data.


So remember, if you lose your data, you know who to call. (It’s us, just incase you forgot).