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Rent a computer today

Take the hassle out of buying a computer and rent from us today!

Why Rent?

Why do I want to rent a computer when I could buy one?

A subscription model (Hardware as a Service – HaaS) works because it is flexible, has minimal capital outlay and guarantees a working computer.

IT Knowledge

We only supply high quality business grade machines that are tried and tested to save you guessing.


All the machines come with the latest brand new Solid State Drives and upgraded memory for peak performance.


No minimum contracts mean you can return it when you’re done. When staff leave, just return their PC and stop paying.

Big Brand Names

We only source the best machines from brands you recognise and probably already trust.


Get a worry-free warranty for the life of the contract. We will replace any broken machine within a day*

No Capital Outlay

With only a small deposit up front, your business can continue to run without major capital expenditure.

Predictable Costs

No more guessing when you will need to spend money on new computers. Just keep paying the same regular rental.

No more Windows 7

Upgrade away from Windows 7 before Microsoft stop supporting the older operating system in January 2020.

We are now able to budget so much better! “

Knowing exactly how much we will have to pay every month makes it much easier to budget, and gives us peace of mind that we will not face any major capital outlays in the near future.
Kesley Dargan, iBrowz


Are the computers new?
We do not guarantee that the machine you get is brand new, however, every machine has a brand new Solid State Drive, additional memory, and the latest Windows 10 Professional operating system.
Do you support the PCs?
Anything not covered by our warranty, can be supported by us on a monthly fee, or at discounted hourly rates.
How long are the contracts?
There is no minimum contract. We understand businesses need flexibility and don’t believe you should pay for computers not being used if your staff numbers drop.
What if the computer stops working?
We will immediately replace the computer so that you can continue to work with minimum downtime.
Do you look after my data?
We will not accept responsibility for your data.  Whether you get a machine from us, or buy a machine retail, you should always maintain your own online/offsite backups.  If you need help in backing up your data, please contact us and we will tell you the options.    
Do the machines have Anti Virus?
The machines are shipped with Windows 10 Pro, which includes Windows Defender, which is currently rated one of the best antivirus products on the market. You can however install your own 3rd party antivirus over the top of that if you so wish.
What spec are the computers?
All computers are i5 processors, 8GB RAM, and 240GB solid state hard drives. Higher spec can be ordered if required.
What's Included?
You get a Dell Small Form Factor Desktop PC, power cables, keyboard and mouse, Windows 10 Professional Operating System, Windows Defender AntiVirus, replacement warranty for the life of the contract, and free delivery with a 30km radius of Perth city.
What else do I need?
We can also supply monitors if you need them, we can connect up the machine and migrate your data for an additional fee, and if needed, we can provide ongoing support and management of your device.

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