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Have you ever considered computer rentals for your business, rather than buying them outright? In the last few years, short term rentals of PCs is looking very favourable for a lot of businesses. Let’s look at the pros and cons of this new model:

The problem with buying computers outright

Capital – The biggest problem with buying computers is the capital expenditure required.  You could spend anything from $1000 for a decent business desktop.  
Quality – A lot of smaller businesses will end up buying a retail computer that is designed for casual home usage, and not designed for business use, because of the high cost of quality computers.  The main difference is that the business machine will run all day every day and will need to be a workhorse.  The cheaper computers generally can’t handle this.
Budgeting – When will the computer need to be replaced?  Computers have a shelf life, and will all need to be replaced at some time or another.  If you buy 5 computers for your business, there is a risk that those same 5 computers will die at the same time, and leave you with the liability of replacing them all at once, which requires significant cash flow.
Flexibility – What if your staff numbers fluctuate?  Say for example you have 10 staff.  If you have to get rid of 5 people for whatever reason, for example, a project finishing, you are stuck with assets not doing anything.

How does computer rentals fix this?

We can get over some of these issues with a rental agreement.  Let’s directly address the issues identified above:
Capital – You do not need to fork out the same capital needed for buying new computers, however in some instances there may be a small deposit required.  
Quality – IT companies that supply rental computers will only supply computers that require the least maintenance.  Normally this means that you will get good quality machines, that will last, and will not break down.
Budgeting – With a fixed flat monthly fee, you can easily budget for your computer rental costs.  If a computer dies, you simply get it swapped out for a replacement, and carry on where you left off.
Flexibility – With some computer rental agreements, there is no minimum term, so if your staff numbers fluctuate, your inventory of PCs can fluctuate as well.
Peace of mind – In addition to the above, computer rentals can give you confidence that if your PC fails, it will be replaced quickly.  If you buy a computer retail, you do get a warranty, but if you’ve ever had to claim on warranty before, you’ll know that it is anything but quick, and if you’re short a computer, it can significantly impact your business.

 In Summary

Computer Rentals still have a long way to go, however they are becoming more and more prominent.  If you want to reduce the risk to your business, get a bit of flexibility, and generate peace of mind, then you should definintely consider computer rentals as an alternative to buying.