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You may be asking what is bloat ware? Well, bloat ware is unwanted software that comes pre-installed on a new mobile device or a new computer which is completely useless. It can also be called fat ware because it consumes space on your device which you might need one day to take a few extra photos, download a new app to post those photos or some music for your next road trip. Basically Bloat ware is hopeless and no one likes it.

Thankfully, bloat ware is easy to spot and it doesn’t blend in too well with the apps you actually want and it’s not hard to weed out this software that is chowing down on your memory and RAM:

As a generalisation, these are typically the types of apps you can classify as bloat ware:

  1. Paid Map apps
  • I don’t know who would use these apps anymore? Google and Apple have both released powerful mainstream digital map applications that can take you anywhere for the cost of nothing. Unless a family member made one of these paid map applications and you’re using it so you don’t hurt their feelings, you should think about taking them off your device.
  1. Paid Ringtone apps
  • Paid ringtones are a thing of the past, much like flip phones and phones with keypads and unless you are old school and have a flip phone and want to hear Apple bottom jeans by T Pain or Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9 every time someone calls then be my guest to keep your paid ringtones.
  1. Carrier TV Services
  • Some carriers provide their customers with their very own bootleg version of Netflix, often its absolute junk and you’ll probably use it once, delete it, and download Netflix.
  1. Toolbars
  • Notorious for being in web browsers, slowing you down, getting in the way, prone to being a nuisance to everyone. At TechPros we’re always removing toolbars from people’s browsers and they’re always much happier once they’re gone


Bloat ware isn’t fun, it’s never been fun and it just clogs up your devices and consumes your RAM. If you have a problem with this Bloat ware rubbish, feel free to contact the team at TechPros so we can help you free up some of that space.