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IT Support Services

At Techpros we provide a range of services covering all aspects of IT.  Below is a list of just some of the services we provide.  Please call us with any problem or request, and will give you impartial advice as to whether or not we can help you.

Small Business Support

Our business revolves around small businesses. We believe there is a gap in the market for good quality low cost IT support for small businesses. Businesses cannot justify full time IT resources, yet need someone to be able to step in and help out when the systems start falling apart. All our engineers are experts in their respective fields and we are confident we have the right resources for your problem.

Home Support

Although our primary focus is small business, we do also provide support to home users and home offices. Whether you need a virus removed, or are looking to buy a new computer, or are just having internet connectivity problems, we are able to help. All our engineers are proficent in all versions of MacOS and Windows, as well as Android Tablets and iPads.

IT Resourcing

In addition to providing core IT Support, we have a sister buisness that specialises in supplying IT staff to the larger business sector, to help out on ad hoc pieces of work and projects. If you have a specific piece of work you require completed or just need a IT resource for a few hours we can supply that for you.

New Equipment Sales

We have a wide breadth of knowledge across our business when it comes to buying new equipment. Let us know what you’re in the market for and we’ll help you source the right product for your needs.

Web Design and Development

Need a new website? Need a old website updated? Want to buy a domain name for your company? Whether you want to just set up a new email address, or get a full eCommerce website, we have the resources required to get you online.

General Advice

Although we have listed a variety of services we offer, we are still happy to provide advice and guidance on any technical related issues you might think of. Test us today!


Everythings working, but you’re scared it might break down and you don’t want to be left high and dry? We can provide preventative maintenance on your systems to give you the best chance that nothing will fall over and all your critical systems will be up all the time.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing. We’ve all heard it about right? But do you actually know what it is? Call us today to find out more about the cloud, what you can and can’t put on the cloud, and whether it makes sense to do so for your business.

Virus Removal

Think you might have picked up a virus of some sort? Let us help you diagnose and get rid of the virus, and more importantly try to identify how it go there in the first place and prevent it happening again.

Data Recovery

Lost data and need it back? While some types of data is easier to recover than others, we are your best port of call to have a look and see what we can recover, and if we can’t recover it, what your options are for getting your files back.

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